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One of the exciting thing happening in San Francisco before I left was the housing of arts and business ventures in the same space. The prime example was a space called 5M. The San Francisco Chronicle, the city’s mainstream newspaper, leased out space, that the corporation no longer needed, to a developer to create a multi-disciplinary center housing tech startups, social entrepreneurs and an art gallery and cultural center. Folks in in Richmond must have taken notice and in searching for a use for vacant space in the home of the capital city’s largest paper jumped on the idea. It would be great to see something as vibrant as 5M in Richmond. Having worked in the space, attended meetings and presentations, and studied it as an idea, I have seen the reality of how a collaborative space with thousands of companies can work.

5M was also a grant recipient for the National Endowment for the Arts Artplace grant. Other business also benefit as the location is a also a weekly site for Off The Grid a hub for SF area food trucks.


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