extras | 60 seconds

Clocks_OC Always_7459933082_c00f117ffaThe thing about a daily blog is that if you don’t post every day, you can easily get behind. Argh! I still like this project and The Daughter loves to go back and read it so I don’t plan to to stop…yet. This is why my mantra for 2013 shall be this little diddy and whenever I think about putting something off I will think of this. I might even print a few copies or do some cool vision boards to put up as reminders.

God’s Minute
I have only just a minute, only 60 seconds in it,
forced upon me, can’t refuse it, didn’t seek it,
didn’t choose, but it’s up to me to use it,
give account if I abuse it, suffer if I lose it.
Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.(source)

Flickr photo by OC Always.

PS: the posts from Dec 31 – Jan 8 were actually posted on Jan 8.


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