y6 day 102 | critique


I had to play the Devil’s advocate in my REIT investing class tonight and argue why we should not sell a stock.


y5 day 357 | printhead


For the second time in as many HP printers, I ad a problem with the printer not printing from the black ink cartridge. I thought it was damaged when a sheet paper got jammed a few days ago. I scoured the interwebs for solutions and found this:

This worked great for my HP 5520. I had to put a damp paper towel in 5-6 times. I also unplugged my printer and left a damp paper towel under the printhead overnight. My prints look so great now. I am thinking this cleaning needs to be done regularly. It saved me having to go buy a printer.

y5 day 334 | poncho


Poncho…..for a dog
A few weeks ago
Neighbors: Hey kid would you like to dog sit for us in a few weeks?
Teen: yes, sure. I love dogs.

Teen: Mom, would you walk the dog for me? I have to work at the store.
Me: (in my head: it’s pouring down rain. I did not sign up for this job) Yes sure.