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Another daily, even if temporary, habit suggestion



extras | 60 seconds

Clocks_OC Always_7459933082_c00f117ffaThe thing about a daily blog is that if you don’t post every day, you can easily get behind. Argh! I still like this project and The Daughter loves to go back and read it so I don’t plan to to stop…yet. This is why my mantra for 2013 shall be this little diddy and whenever I think about putting something off I will think of this. I might even print a few copies or do some cool vision boards to put up as reminders.

God’s Minute
I have only just a minute, only 60 seconds in it,
forced upon me, can’t refuse it, didn’t seek it,
didn’t choose, but it’s up to me to use it,
give account if I abuse it, suffer if I lose it.
Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.(source)

Flickr photo by OC Always.

PS: the posts from Dec 31 – Jan 8 were actually posted on Jan 8.

extras | I hate you

I read this poem last year in an annual student publication. It was written by a high school student who express what many of us feel.

I Hate you / By Ashley Coles / George Wythe HS / Richmond VA

I hate you for what you are
You tear apart families
on occasions, leaving people soulless
Sometimes no longer wanting
to live life abundantly
Keeping them on a high speed chase
for their sanity
Left crying out in pain because
you have taken residence within
Stripping them of humanity,
peace, and integrity
You are neither racist not prejudiced
You seek to destroy
Black and white, rich and
poor, weak and strong
I do not know the force
that sent you to
Execute your wrath towards them
I do know that it is evil
And that is why I hate you Cancer.

Published in Podium 2010
A Richmond (VA) Public High School Literary Journal

extras | time

This video is an Awesome demonstration of multitasking. Plus I love his thoughts about time. It has become painfully clear since not having a mandatory 9 to 5, I have become a little too relaxed about my time. I’ve got to do better.

Enjoy this one by Marlon Carey from Tedx Talks.